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Quote: Age is an issue of mind over
matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't
matter. - Mark Twain

HGH is a hot topic and has been for
quite some time as more and more people
are looking for ways to retain or
reclaim their youth.

There are many products on the market
now that are catering to people who
have read about the advantages that HGH
can give them in their anti aging quest.

So what is HGH?

It stands for human growth hormone and
is the hormone that is produced by the
pituitary gland in the brain. This is
the gland that is also responsible for
the production of estrogen and

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HGH is important for healthy cell
growth and for muscle building and bone
development. HGH, along with the liver
and other tissues in the body
stimulates the production of IGF-I
which is insulin-like growth factor I.
Correct levels of HGH will help
children to develop at an acceptable
rate and when this isn't happening
doctors will sometimes prescribe HGH
supplements to make up for the deficit.

It has often been used by sportspeople
and particularly bodybuilders seeking
additional muscles mass.

After the age of 30 or so the
production of HGH peaks and the ability
for the body to maintain the same
levels of healthy cell growth
diminishes. This reduction in the
supply of HGH affects many areas of the
body's development and as a result the
aging process begins to increase with
various factors being affected.

Hair loss becomes more prevalent and
nails and bones become more brittle.
The skin begins to become thinner and
loses its elasticity which causes it to
become loose.

Muscle mass is harder to maintain and
begins to decrease and along with the
reduction in muscle mass there is a
tendency to store more fat.

These are all areas of aging that we
want to stop and the more we can lessen
the effect that this drop in Human
Growth Hormone production can have on
the body the younger we will look for

Obviously people have looked towards
Human Growth Hormone therapy as a way
to reduce the symptoms that are

The general procedure is for HGH to be
injected beneath the skin. Another
option is to ingest HGH releasers that
help the body to produce more of its
own HGH by combining with amino acids
and vitamins.

Many people now market natural products
that are available at reasonable rates
that are designed to assist the body in
creating more of its own HGH.

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