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Quote: The older you get, the tougher
it is to lose weight because by then,
your body and your fat are really good
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While there are many different products
and treatments on the market that are
designed to help reduce cellulite there
is nothing better than to make
lifestyle changes for a faster
reduction in the cellulite that you
might have.

These changes won't cost anywhere near
as much as the treatments and the
results are generally a lot better.

So what are these changes that you can
make to reduce your cellulite?

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For a start you should always eat fresh
food and eliminate where possible any
processed and packaged foods.

Replacing fatty foods and foods that
are high in sugar with food that is
higher in protein would reduce your
storage of fat. You should always be
eating a certain amount of fresh fruit
and vegetables each day.

Drinking sufficient water will also
help you to maintain good health and in
doing so will reduce the possibility of
getting cellulite.

You do not have to be overweight to get
cellulite and it is not unusual to see
some girls who are quite slim with
cellulite on the back of their legs.
This is a sure sign that their
lifestyle is out of balance or their
nutrition is not good.

Obviously if you are overweight the
incidence of you having cellulite will
be higher.

Participating in regular exercise will
also help to reduce cellulite and will
stimulate the blood flow through your
body and help to burn calories and fat.

In addition to making these lifestyle
changes with a little extra exercise
and good nutrition, you can also see
some benefits by using a body brush to
improve your skin texture.

You do have to remember however that
most of the benefits towards
eliminating cellulite will come from

Supplementation with a good
multivitamin and mineral tablet daily
also improves your health and in doing
so will help to reduce the build up a
fat that is causing your cellulite.

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