Subject: {!name} - Lifespan Of A Cat And Your Responsibility

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Quote: Of all God's creatures, there is
only one that cannot be made slave of
the leash. That one is the cat. If man
could be crossed with the cat it would
improve the man, but it would
deteriorate the cat. - Mark Twain

One thing many people don't consider
when getting a cat is the lifespan of
the pet and the fact that they need to
be responsible for the health and
well-being of the cat for between 15
and 20 years.

There are additional factors that need
to be taken into consideration and one
of the most important factors is the
expense of owning a cat. Obviously
you're going to need to spend money on
food and good nutrition but there can
be additional expenses such as
vaccinations and other veterinarian
costs that need to be considered.

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As with people, the personalities of
cats are many and varied. Ideally you
will find the cat whose personality is
matched to your own. There are many
excellent books available at libraries
and bookstores that will give you a
good description of the type of
personality to be expected from the
various different breeds of cats.

Some breeds of cats require a lot more
attention than others and particularly
those cats that tend to live inside
more often than other breeds that are
happy to run around outside and keep
themselves occupied.

Cats with longer fur will tend to shed
had a lot more fur about the house
which will require more cleaning and
they will also require more grooming
which means you will have to spend more
time looking after them.

Cats are a lot more independent than
dogs and are more difficult to train,
and this is something that you need to
realize and accept.

If you like to travel a lot or you are
away from the house a lot of the time,
you will need to arrange some other
person or service that can mind your
cat and ensure that it gets fed

It is always worth considering where
you're living and if the environment is
suitable for owning a cat.

And one thing that surprisingly many
people don't consider before getting a
cat is whether any person in the family
is allergic to cats as there are quite
a large number of people who are
allergic to cats.

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