Subject: {!name} - Deciding on the Action to Take

Hi {!name},

Quote: Promises make debt, and debt
makes promises. - Dutch Proverb

By focusing on the specific areas that
are causing the most problems and
therefore having the biggest effect on
the downgrading of your rating you will
be able to boost your score a lot

Even if you have decided to get
professional help to increase your
rating you should have a good
understanding of the factors that
resulted in your poor score and give
your professional advisor information,
along with what they will already have,
to help them devise the best plan of

If you have collected all the
information and you make an honest
attempt to see where you have gone
wrong there is no reason why you cannot
do this for yourself and in doing so it
will give you the confidence to handle
your finances better in the future.

More Information: AFFILIATE-CB6

You will also save on the cost of
professional fees if you do this for
yourself and that money can be used to
help clear some of your outstanding

Make a checklist of where you believe
you have gone wrong and along with that
create a list of the things that you
will need to do to achieve your goals.
This will give you a guideline that you
can follow and increase your chances of

By writing down all this information it
will also help you to focus better and
think more about the direction that you
will now be leading in your life.

Don't underestimate the power that
writing down a plan can have on
actually achieving it.

You will also need to create a budget
that will allow you to quickly see at
any time, how many funds you have
available for your debts and when those
debts are due for payment. Without a
good budget it is very difficult to
easily handle your finances and improve
your score at the same time.

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