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Dog Quote: Dogs are our link to
paradise. They don't know evil or
jealousy or discontent. To sit with a
dog on a hillside on a glorious
afternoon is to be back in Eden, where
doing nothing was not boring .... It
was peace. ....Milan Kundera

Is certainly a lot more fun for you to
have an obedient and trained dog. Not
only that, but trained dogs, are
happier dogs. They are less likely to
get into fights with other dogs and
will tend to socialize better with dogs
that they meet in public. It is
particularly important to have a
well-trained dog if you have young
members of the family or children in
the neighborhood. Just like having
well-behaved children, a well-trained
dog makes for a happier household. The
time that you spend training your puppy
initially will impact on the pleasure
you can get from your dog for the many
years of its life.

Taking the time to train your dog will
strengthen the bond you have together
and this will ensure a long and happy
friendship where both you and your dog
benefit. Considering the amount of time
that you will be with your dog the time
involved in training is minimal and
well worthwhile.

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There are a few basic commands that
need to be mastered and they are all
relatively simple. These commands
are... Down: this is where you teach
your dog to lay down on command, and is
one of the main aspects of any
successful training program. Heel: this
is where you teach your dog walk beside
you at the same pace without pulling on
the lead. Learning the 'No' word: this
is a particularly important word for
your dog to know and can save you a lot
of trouble. In fact it is probably one
of the most important aspects of
training, if you can get your dog to
understand and respond to the word no.
It can certainly save you a lot of
trouble in the future. Sit: sit is one
of the most basic of all dog training
commands and is one that you'll want to
teach from the outset to maintain
control of your dog's behavior. Stay:
and finally 'stay' - this is important
to ensure that no matter where you are,
you'll know that your dog will stay
precisely where you want it.

If there is nothing else that you train
your dog to do beyond these basic
commands, it will certainly improve the
relationship you have with your dog and
the enjoyment and happiness that you
and your dog will have together. It is
well worth the time while still a
puppy, as it will improve the quality
of life for many years to come.

Training will also let your dog know
that you're the boss and in doing so
eliminate many behavior problems. Dogs
that are untrained can often get
depressed, despondent, and unhappy and
display symptoms of anxiety and
confusion. You are actually giving your
dog a purpose in life, where they will
get pleasure out of the fact that they
are pleasing you.

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