Subject: {!name} - Cleanliness and Your Skin Condition

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Quote: Some people, no matter how old
they get, never lose their beauty -
they merely move it from their faces
into their hearts. - Martin Buxbaum

Cleanliness is essential for
maintaining healthy skin. It is
surprising how we can create problems
for our skin without ever being aware
of what the causes are.

Many people don't realize how many
times throughout the day they touch
their face with their hands. If our
hands were totally clean throughout the
day this wouldn't be so much of a
problem but this isn't reasonable. We
touch everything from shopping trolleys
to car steering wheels that are never
cleaned. We touch items in the office
or in the workplace that don't get
cleaned from one month to the next.

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All these germs that we pick up on our
hands throughout the day get
transferred to our face whenever we
touch it and from there they get into
the pores of our skin and cause
irritations, blackheads and similar
skin problems.

Sometimes even the cleaners that we use
on our face can cause problems,
particularly with people who have
sensitive skin where many products are
too harsh.

Your skin should always be treated with
care and handled delicately as constant
demands on it will mean changes that
are irreversible as you age.

With the face, where the skin is most
sensitive on the majority of people you
should take extra care and this might
mean making simple changes that can
have a dramatic effect over a lifetime.

Simply patting your skin to dry it,
rather than rubbing it will a towel can
reduce stretching, wrinkles and more
when the combined actions of doing this
are added up over a number of years.

If you find that you are getting
breakouts on one side of your face or
another, then you will need to consider
what might be causing this. Do you lean
on your hand at work? Do you answer the
telephone from that side all the time?
When you answer these questions you
might just find what is causing your
problem and it could be as simple as
having a dirty phone or dirty hand that
you always lean on.

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