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Quote: Happy marriages begin when we
marry the ones we love, and they
blossom when we love the ones we marry.
- Tom Mullen

You should take your time when deciding
on your wedding vows and personalize
them to suit you and your partner and
don't be influenced by what other
people expect you to do.

This is one of the most important parts
of the wedding because it is after the
recital of your vows that you will be
officially married.

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More and more people are becoming very
creative with their wedding vows and
this adds a personal touch that
represents what you and your partner
believe your marriage means to the both
of you.

It is a chance for you to both express
your true thoughts on why you are
getting married and what it will mean
for you in the future.

Here are the typical wedding vows… “I
[your name] take you [your partners
name] for my lawful [wife/husband] to
have and to hold, from this day
forward, for better, for worse, for
richer, for poorer, in sickness and in
health, until death do us part”

Many people use these traditional vows
as the foundation that they will modify
to suit their needs by adding
personalized touches where they like.

Some people find the traditional vows a
bit too formal and the wording no
longer appropriate to get the true
meaning of their care for one another
across. If that’s the way you feel then
changing them is the right solution for

These words are more important than all
the wedding speeches combined so it is
well worth spending as much time as
necessary to come up with something
that is really special.

Get ideas from books and poetry and
songs. Bounce ideas off one another and
you will soon know when you have hit
the perfect combination that will lead
you into your married life.

Just remember to never stop having fun
because that’s what it’s all about –
getting the most happiness in your life
by sharing it with someone you love.

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